Iris Robinson Opens Her Vile Mouth Once Again

Some people just don't know when to quit, just weeks after claiming to be able to 'cure' homosexuality whilst commenting on the story of a gay man who had been viscously beaten in a homophobic attack, the delightful Democratic Unionist MP Iris Robinson yesterday said that "there can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing children" in the House of Commons of all places.

The Honourable Mrs Robinson, who is also the wife of the Irish First Minister Peter Robinson, is already under investigation for hate crimes after over 100 complaints were made against her. She is a 'born (brain-dead) again' Christian and a few days ago said that is the responsibility of the government to uphold 'God's law'. I probably should add that she has since retracted reworded her comments.

Usually, I'd just feel sorry for her that she's deluding herself to such an extent . However, she has really crossed the line this time. I'm far from a militant gay person, but even I am angry over this. There are some things that you just do not say and really are inexcusable. To call anyone's behaviour paedophilic when its not is completely reprehensible, but to do it to between 1 and 10% of the population is frankly obscene.

I support freedom of speech, I support the freedom to offend people, but she has said the one thing that is completely unacceptable. Northern Ireland is not as friendly and accepting as England, Wales and Scotland; there are kids growing up there stuck between THE proverbial rock and hard place: religion and their sexuality. NI is still very religious and frankly I hate to think what a kid growing up in that environment may do to themselves. With people like her in prominent positions in NI society and politics its hardly surprising that the rate of suicide is so much higher among gay teenagers. If someone who was employed rather than elected made a comment like that they would be fired instantly, whether in the public or private sector!

Sorry for the rant, but as I said above, there are some things that are completely inexcusable. Please email a link to this story or write about it on your own blog if you can, I want everyone to know about this hate-fuelled bitch! BTW: I am now starting Iris Watch to digg up anything else she does.

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