Tory MEP's Support Berlusconi's 'Nazi' Law

In a move that will surely even David Cameron will be unable to gloss over, Conservative MEP's have refused to support a resolution that condemns the actions of Silvio Berlusconi's government as xenophobic and illegal. The right wing coalition that Italy's most infamous politician leads wants to fingerprint all Roma gypsies - including children.

It would appear that Tory MEP's are becoming an ever increasing pain-in-the-ass for Cameron. After the problems with trying to reign them in over the issue of their expenses, it appears they are now ignoring the work that Cameron put in to shedding the Conservative party of its image as the nasty party.

Me thinks all is not well at Tory High Command. For the record, although I expect many, if not most, in the Conservative party will approve of their move; I do believe that Cameron genuinely will not. Centre-right (small-c) conservative, yes; fascist, no. Although, that's more than I can say for his MP's and MEP's.

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