Biden Wipes the Floor with John McCain in DNC speech

Senator Joe Biden gave what was easily the best speech of the night. The newly elected (by acclimation) Democratic VP nominee attacked John McCain saying that, "I profoundly disagree with the direction that John McCain wants to take this country in".

He acknowledged that McCain was his friend and had served his country well, but he said that McCain equals "
not change [but] more of the same". He spoke of America's standing in the world, "the world used to trust us, and looked to us for leadership... Barack will restore that". Biden claimed that the "American Dream is slowly slipping away" and that it is "our responsibility to embrace change".

Biden said that
"Barack Obama is the American story". Biden's wife brought out Barack Obama who appeared as a 'surprise' (the Huffington Post reported that he would hours ago). Obama said that he is "proud to have Biden family on this journey with me". Obama also said that President Clinton "reminds us of when a President puts people first".

Biden's speech ticked all the boxes, and then some. It was possibly the first to attack McCain and the Republicans in such an impassioned way, while still being respectfull and not turning to dirty politics. Our verdict: speech of the week (so far).

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