Obama Speech Anticipation Reaches Fever Pitch

The anticipation of Barack Obama's speech in Germany is so high that the candidate has tried to lower expectations about the number of attendees. The estimated number of people who will turn-out to see his speech range from 10,000 to 1million.

Anyone, who has been watching the Presidential race over the last few days will notice that John McCain is not handling the extra attention that Obama is getting very well. In an interview on ABC World News yesterday evening, he said that he believes that Obama's position on the war is a campaign tactic and not what he genuinely feels is in the best interests of the country. Also, McCain's campaign have launched a vicious ad campaign claiming that Fidel Castro supports Obama.

Obama, however, does not seem to wish to fight fire with fire. It has been revealed that his campaign has spent $5million on advertising blocks during NBC's Beijing 2008 Olympics coverage. It's nice to see a candidate supporting something positive like the Olympics rather than endlessly mud slinging.

Obama has been discussing foreign policy issues with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he is also meeting German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit. Some three-quarters of Germans support Obama although his support is consistent all across Europe, he is the prefered candidate of Britaim amd France along with many other members of the EU.

Obama's speech in Germany is expected at around 6pm British time. I would think that it would be covered live on the BBC News channel, but then again they may feel it is more important to have the News at Six on two channels at the same time. If it is covered on the News channel, you can watch it here live: Obama speech live here at 6.30pm British Time (BBC)

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