Iris Robinson To Toxic for Tories

It seems that Iris Robinson's bigotry may be too much for David Cameron to swallow. The Irish Times reports that her frequent out bursts could endanger Cameron's re-branding of the Conservative party. It comes as 11,000 have called for the bigoted bitch to be reprimanded. Even Iain Dale has vented about her recent behaviour. I should again note that she does deny saving it, however, there are audio recordings which prove that she said it.

As I said yesterday, I support free speech, but she very simply said the one thing that is totally unforgivable. We are all well aware of societies attitude to paedophilia, its regarded (rightly) as on of the worst crimes one can commit, so to accuse someone of it is just unacceptable. BTW, if she had said that about an individual, they'd be well on their way to receiving large checks for both libel and defamation.

This article is part of the DoS Iris Watch campaign.

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